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Year-end Reflections


Year-end Reflections

Dec 31, 2022

There is no better way to close out the year than to reflect and plan for the new year ahead. With a new year comes a blank slate, one that can be filled with goals and aspirations for improvement and success.

At JACCC, we value learning from one another to improve ourselves through creative outlets. As a moment of pause and contemplation, staff got together to discuss their points of reflection with one another. Ranging from personal to work-related, all had excitement for the year ahead:

I am thankful for new beginnings. Working alongside partners like Little Tokyo Service Center for programming like the Mi Casa Afterschool program and Keiro for Bento + Art workshops made me appreciate the arts much more. It inspired me to look into my own culture and to utilize various forms of art to promote its rich diversity and similarities to the Japanese and Japanese American culture.

Collaborating with cultural practitioners across a variety of art forms like bonsai, ceramics, ikebana, tea ceremony, etc., will always be the thing I am most grateful to JACCC. We've been able to present wonderful exhibitions throughout the year that have allowed us to share our culture. My goal is to have more "naked conversations", ie. contemplating with a free mind, and using our empty cup to guide our work.

I am grateful to finally program events in the Toshizo Watanabe Culinary Cultural Center. After years of inactivity due to construction and the pandemic, presenting events this year has been wonderful. I love that JACCC is able to fully present a wide array of programs that cater to all senses, a couple of my favorites were OKI: Music of the Ainu and Kenny Endo's 45th Anniversary Tour due to the collaboration and diversity it brought to JACCC.

I am grateful that after working at JACCC for many years, I am still learning new things about Japanese and Japanese American culture. I am grateful that I'm able to work alongside good hardworking people that make JACCC an enjoyable place to work at. My favorite events are Kenny Endo's 45th Anniversary Tour and the Bronze Hours series, the latter of which I hope to expand upon in various forms in the new year.

I am truly grateful for the team that is JACCC. From learning and depending on one another is a testament to growth of JACCC.

The opportunity to work and learn at JACCC is undeniably incredible. Working alongside a group of staff that understand the importance of omotenashi in all that is presented in a collaborative format cannot be done elsewhere. I love that we're able to collaborate with one anotheer which is why DOMO CONCERT: An Evening with Hiroshima and Bronzeville Sessions were my favorite events of the year. The level of community and support is truly outstanding and I cannot wait to bring even more elevated presentations in the new year.

Join us and make reflections of your own with friends and family. Below are a few questions for you to use as a guide:

    • What is something from 2022 for which you are most grateful?

    • What was something you learned in 2022 that you authentically value?

    • What are 3 things you would like to do in 2023?

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