Dexter Story

Dexter Story is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and musicologist from South Los Angeles, CA. He has worked in multiple facets of the music industry, from marketing at Priority and Def Jam Records to talent buyer at the legendary LA venue Temple Bar. With an M.A. in African Studies and two recent northeast Africa-influenced albums Wondem and Bahir released on the UK-based Soundway record label, Story is currently a Eugene V. Cota-Robles and Jacqueline DjeDje fellow in the ethnomusicology Ph.D. graduate program at University of California, Los Angeles and his research focuses on music of the African diaspora, particularly music and culture of the African Red Sea. He is also an artist-in-residence and production consultant with South Los Angeles’ Community Coalition, a community organizing and advocacy non-profit. He is based in Los Angeles with his wife Annette and has three older children.
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