Festival of Shadows: Panel Discussion

Festival of Shadows: Panel Discussion



Thu, Apr 15, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
244 S San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012


A live panel discussion on Festival of Shadows (2019) with artists Isak Immanuel, Marina Fukushima, Oguri, Nancy Uyemura & Sara Sithi-Amnuai. Moderated by Hirokazu Kosaka & Scott Oshima.

Festival of Shadows
April 1–31
Meeting people, place, and shadow, the intergenerational performance Festival of Shadows is composed of a series of movement scores, video, and installations developed through local workshops and an inquiry into present and absent bodies. Delving into the ways in which displacement is often intimately interwoven with disembodiment, Festival of Shadows serves as a local process exploring the shifting layers of body, ground, borders, and an internal landscape. The performance is the culminating project from LTSC +LAB 2019 Artists in Residence, Marina Fukushima and Isak Immanuel with guest dancer Oguri, composer Sara Sithi-Amnuai, and a community ensemble.

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