Hinamatsuri Doll Display

Hinamatsuri Doll Display



Wed, Feb 28, 2024  - Mon, Mar 11, 2024


Center Building
244 S. San Pedro St., 1st Floor Lobby, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Center Building Lobby: Monday - Friday • 9 am - 6 pm

MISE 店 (viewable from the Isamu Noguchi Plaza): 24/7


This display is free and open for public viewing.


Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl's Day, is a traditional Japanese holiday that families and communities annually celebrate on March 3rd. During this day, families arrange a conventional display with 15 Hina dolls on tiered levels covered with a red carpet. A typical set of Hina dolls serves as family heirlooms, symbolizing one of the household's most splendid and valuable possessions.

Typically, the display comprises five or seven levels, with the Emperor and Empress positioned atop a gold folding screen. The following tiers contain three court ladies, five musicians, two ministers with bows and arrows, and three servants seated alongside court regalia such as sake cups and elaborate chests of drawers on lower steps.

In celebration, JACCC is hosting two sets of Hina displays; the seven-tiered set, donated by Iris Teragawa, is inside MISE 店, facing the Isamu Noguchi Plaza, while the other smaller set is at the end of the lobby of the center building. Concurrently, Kokeshi dolls donated by Kitty Sankey are also on display. Kokeshi, simple wooden Japanese dolls crafted for over 150 years as children's toys, feature a simple trunk and head with a few thin, painted lines defining the face. The body often bears floral and ring designs painted in red, black, and occasionally green, purple, blue, or yellow ink.

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