Sun, Jul 2, 2023 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm


JACCC Campus
244 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA, 90012


JACCC invites you to join us for JAnime™, a celebration of Japanese and Japanese American culture through the lens of anime. This event immerses all in the history of Japanese and Japanese American anime culture through art, food, history and performances set against the backdrop of the Japanese season of tanabata.


Event Schedule

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History of Anime

George J. Doizaki Gallery
Do you know the true origin of anime? Join us for a culturally eye-opening lecture and exhibition with JACCC’s Master Artist in Residence, Hirokazu Kosaka, as he takes you on a visual journey to 12th century Japan.
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Food Wars Cafe

11:30am - 8pm
Toshizo Watanabe Culinary Cultural Center
Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) is a long-running anime series that follows an aspiring chef who enrolls at a culinary school where students take part in culinary competitions. This cafe will feature a higher-end menu highlighted by Japanese Wagyu including but not limited to: wagyu beef bowl; wagyu sukiyaki; wagyu steak.

Price: $40/person

Ticket includes entry into the TWCCC and a set course meal. 
Beverages are not included; a cocktail menu will be available for purchase during the meal.

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Tea Ceremony

12pm | 3pm
Tea Room
Japanese tea ceremony, sado, is a Japanese cultural art practice involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha. Zen Buddhism was a primary influence in the development of the culture of Japanese tea and, most often, is served to family, friends, and associates. In this ceremony, audiences will be able to experience and taste the way of tea in an authentic tea room.

Price: $12/person

Bonsai 911

12pm - 4pm
James Irvine Japanese Garden
Is your bonsai in need of emergency/urgent care services? Join Master Mel Ikeda, a second-generation Japanese bonsai artist, for a workshop and learn all about bonsai and best practices for keeping the artform alive with a high level of aesthetic refinement.
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12pm - 4pm
Isamu Noguchi Plaza
Put on your best cosplay and join us on our Isamu Noguchi Plaza for a variety of traditional Japanese performances including taiko and obon dance.

12 pm: Opening Announcement
12:10 pm: Taiko performance by L.A. Taiko Ichiza
12:40 pm: Anime Music
3:10 pm: Anime Ondo Practice with Bando Hidesomi
3:45 pm: Taiko performance by Walter Nishinaka
4:00 pm: DJ Tsugu Itagaki

Official Kirin Beer Garden (21+)

12pm - 8pm
Isamu Noguchi Plaza - Balcony
Beer gardens in Japan are typically big summer social gatherings situated on rooftops or open spaces that allow guests to congregate and enjoy each other's company under the sun with an abundance of fresh air. Located at our plaza balcony overlooking our Japanese Garden, this official Kirin beer garden will contain cold beer to enjoy on a hot day.

This beer garden is presented and sponsored by Kirin.

Food Matsuri

12pm - 8pm
Isamu Noguchi Plaza
To capture the spirit of a Japanese summer matsuri (festival), beverage, food, and retail vendors will occupy the Isamu Noguchi Plaza to enhance the outdoor festivities. Join us on the Plaza at 12 noon sharp for a special Japanese musical introduction to the event. 

Food vendors include:
• Far Bar / Far East Cafe
• Kashiwa Ramen & Tamura
• Kagura
• Kuramoto Shavery
• Nam Coffee
• Shake N' Teas
• Takoyaki TaNoTa 
• Yuritomato

Retail vendors include:
• 404 Bread
• Boro Boro
• Ikendoit.Studio
• No Thread No Life
• Okeya Stationary
• PacSet Tours
• ScottyKaku
• Starsong Atelier
• Tama's Last Life

Astro Boy 1980 (English Subtitles)

Aratani Theatre
In A.D. 2030, in the Tokyo megalopolis, Astro Boy, created by Dr. Tenma, the director of the Ministry of Science, fights for justice against Atlas, a super android installed with the "omega factor," a circuit that makes it possible to have a human heart. Atlas, who has driven his creator Baron Walpul Giss to ruin, develops his powers and becomes a stronger robot, establishes a secret base called "Crystal," and challenges Astro Boy to a fight. This remake version was made because broadcasting stations did not wish to re-run the previous black and white series and also because Osamu Tezuka wished to change Astro Boy's image as an overly good boy. This series includes tragedies of Astro Boy who has various problems, faults and weaknesses, and yet struggles to live.

The Astro Boy screening will include three episodes from the 1980 production: Episode 1: The Birth of Atom and Episodes 24 - 25: The Greatest Robot in the World (Part 1 & 2) with English subtitles.

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George J. Doizaki Gallery
Tanabata (Star Festival), celebrates the meeting of deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. According to legend, the Milky Way separated these lovers; they are allowed to only meet on July 7. On this day, Japanese write their wishes on tanzaku (colored paper strips) and hang them on bamboo branches to make them come true. In this workshop, visitors will be introduced to tanabata, tanzaku, and unique origami.

ULTRAMAN (4K EDITION) (English Subtitles)

Aratani Theatre
Ultraman is a Japanese TV series created by Eiji Tsuburaya, a pioneer of special effects. It was first broadcast in 1966 and became a major pop culture phenomenon in Japan and around the world. SSSP officer Shin Hayata suffers a fatal accident, after which Ultraman fuses with him to bring him back to life and fight a space monster. Since then, Hayata continues his life as a member of the SSSP, albeit with Ultraman's power dormant within him. The program presents four episodes of the original series remastered in 4K:

Episode 18 "Brother from Another Planet"
After a radioactive fog blankets Tokyo, Ide and Arashi encounter an alien being. Identifying himself as a benevolent envoy from the Planet Zarab, he removes the fog as an act of good faith and brotherhood. The alien abducts Hayata while Ultraman destroy the city!

Episode 26 "The Monster Highness (Part 1)"
Leading an expedition to Johnson Island, Professor Nakaya is on the trail of the Gomora. During the last leg of the transport, however, the monster stirs awake. With no other option, Muramatsu orders the monster dropped over the Rokko Mountains.

Episode 28 "Human Specimens 5 & 6"
While investigating a series of mysterious bus crashes along the Hyuga Pass, Captain Muramatsu and Ide encounter a strange spatial phenomenon. Muramatsu helps the remaining passenger, Kanoko Akikawa, a Nuclear Engineer, towards her original destination.

Episode 34 "A Gift from the Sky"
Unleashed from a meteorite that crashed outside of Tokyo, a giant monster of tremendous mass, Skydon, begins to lay waste to the city. The SSSP's most advanced weapons are ineffective. Ultraman also proves incapable of carrying the heavy monster into space.

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DJ Tsugu Itagaki

4pm - 8pm
Isamu Noguchi Plaza
Join us in the afternoon on the Isamu Noguchi Plaza for DJ Tsugu Itagaki who will be spinning an all vinyl set of City Pop, J-Pop, and everything in between. He will also come with his L.A.-based pop-up record shop, We Share Records, and will be selling Japanese vinyl records throughout the day.
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