Art in the New Normal
Akiko Yamashita

Akiko Yamashita

"I definitely pivoted towards bringing more good... especially now, I really want to make people feel positive."
— Akiko Yamashita 


Akiko Yamashita is a Japanese artist best known for projection mapping and light installations currently based in Los Angeles. Her artworks explore visual illusions with prism-inspired full spectrum of colors.

She is a former professional dancer and has 15 years of experience. She enjoys working with music, fashion and architecture providing solutions to light up the environment. Her light hallway “Portal” won A’Design Silver Awards. Interactive large-scale projection 'Hana Fubuki' was exhibited in the Main Gallery at Artechouse DC as a part of In Peaks Bloom. Most recently she was featured in Apple keynote’s films as one of the new generations makers.

Artist Statement:

“My artworks live in the moment with you. I create luminous audio-visual experiences using real-time 3D animation to make lights to dance in harmony. My subject matter is to visualize the invisible nature by movement, time, relationship, patterns, perspective and full spectrum of colors. Just like how everything is constantly changing in nature, so are my artworks. The whole process becomes multi-dimensional feedback of my perception of the world, my imagination, my artworks and yours.”

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